Written by a leading ICT author, teacher and examiner, the book comprehensively covers all the material needed for the three examination papers and includes a wealth of practice and revision activities. With its highly interactive approach and practical guidance this book is an ideal core textbook for international students. Each book is accompanied by a student CD-ROM with extra material and more consolidation activities, questions and model answers, giving students extra flexibility and portability for homework. The accompanying Teacher Resource Kit provides teaching support that is easily customisable in print and digital format.

This brand new textbook (with CD) has been specially written to support CIE's latest IGCSE in Information and Communication Technology (0417). The authors are experienced examiners and teachers, and bring a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to both the book and the CD, ensuring that students are fully prepared for both the written theory paper as well as the two practical papers. Each Section of the syllabus is fully covered in the text book, with clear explanations and plenty of tasks and activities. The CD contains source files for the tasks and activities, as well as examination-style questions (with model answers) and a glossary.

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The Collins Cambridge IGCSE(t) ICT Student Book provides in-depth coverage of the 0417 syllabus with an engaging approach that uses scenarios to build skills and link the theory to the practice of ICT, while showing students how to make progress, prepare for exams and achieve their targets. * Build skills with an engaging approach that uses scenarios to link the theory to the practice of ICT. * Fully cover the Cambridge IGCSE(t) ICT syllabus with each topic broken down into manageable chunks to allow you to apply and consolidate your learning. * Have confidence in the content and approach of the Student Book, which is written by highly experienced ICT teachers. * Prepare for exams with end of session review and revise sections, summary boxes, exam-style and past paper questions, sample answers at different grades and comments on these answers. * The accompanying CD-ROM includes source files to accompany practical tasks and answers to past paper questions in the Student Book.
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Written by experienced teachers and examiners of CIE syllabuses in Cambridge IGCSE Computer Studies, this Coursebook includes questions and tasks throughout to reinforce learning. A Teacher's Resource CD-ROM is also available, providing guidelines for assessment, worksheets, remedial and extension activities, and a suggested year plan for teaching.

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Written by leading ICT author Stephen Doyle, the Complete ICT for IGCSE Teacher Resource Pack offers a wealth of both digital and print resources designed to directly support the use of the Complete ICT for Cambridge IGCSE Student Book. Helping to save time and deliver the course the most effectively, the Teacher Pack includes dynamic case studies, customisable worksheets, all the answers to the Student Book, PowerPoint presentations and more.