In this chapter students will learn about:
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • The main components of a computer system
  • Operating systems
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Command line interface (CUI)
  • Different types of computer systems.
Computer systems are made up of:

  • Hardware- The physical parts ( plastic, metal ,etc) of the computer. This includes items inside the computer, such as the graphics card, processor, memory and hard disk, as well as devices connected to the computer, like the monitor,keyboard, mouse and printer.
  • Software- This consists of the instructions, code and programs that enable the computer to perform specific tasks.
  • Data- This is what computers process. Data can be input to the system through devices like the keyboard, or collected automatically by sensors. It can be output devices such as a monitor or printer.
  • Networks- These connect computers together so that resources such as printers can be shared and data can be communicated.
Computers are placed into groups according to their size, processing power, design and cost. These groups are : supercomputers; mainframe computers; microcomputers; personal digital assistants (PDAs) and embedded computers.

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