CIE IGCSE - Cambridge International Examination - International General Certification of Secondary Education.Grade : For Age Group 14 to 16 ( ESL Students ) of Grade 10 ( Year 10 )
Subject Area : Information and Communication Technology - ( 0417 )
Section 11 : Topic - Data Manipulation.
After finishing this section student will learn,

  • Understand database structures.
  • Create a database from an existing data file
  • Define database structures.
  • Enter different forms of data into a database
  • Search for subsets of data
  • Produce a Report
  • Export data and reports for use within another package
  • Sort data within a database.

Module 3
At the end ( after finishing this module) In this Module Students will learn how to -
  • Relational Database Management Systems - Adding Relations between two or more tables.
  • Create a calculated field, perform calculations at run time using formulae and functions, for example: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, sum, average, maximum, minimum, count
  • Sort data using one criterion into ascending or descending order, using different field types, for example: alphanumeric, numeric, date
  • Perform searches using a single criterion and using multiple criteria, with different field types like alphanumeric, numeric, Boolean etc. and a variety of operators like: AND, OR, NOT, LIKE, >, <, =, >=, <=

Download Required Files.
Create A Folder on Your Desktop name it as Module 11 Your Name.
Download for the Module supporting files by Click Hear the files are shared in Public Dirve from Public folder.

Learning Tasks.

Importing External Data in to Database for manipulation.
Using Microsoft Assess , Create a database file in your folder.
Import the CSV file in to database for manipulation in to the database file as table.
Make sure the data types are exactly as per the requirements.
Change the field names if required,
Add suitable Relations between tables where ever required.
Create a document to place the screenshot on to evidence document.
Make sure all the details are clearly visible.
Make sure to place your name , number , class name as header for this document.
And in the footer File name with path, Page Number , Date & Time appear clearly.

Entering new data ( Adding New Records )
Add the three new records given in the instructions.

Making Query with criteria and adding new field.
Create Query with criteria ( Conditions ) , Adding New fields with Calculations.
Making Reports.

Submission of Work.

Create A Folder called Module 11 in Your SkyDrive now (OneDrive) or DropBox.

Upload the screen shot document and share with me

Watch the video for any kind of help

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