Module 6 Learning Objectives:
  • Export data in common text formats, for example:.csv,.txt,.rtf
  • Export data into a graph/charting package

Download Required Files.
Create A Folder on Your Desktop name it as Module 11 Your Name.
Download supporting files and instructions file from the following link, save these files in the folder you created.
Download for the Module supporting files by Click Hear the files are shared in Public Dirve from Public folder.

Learning Tasks.
Phase 4 Making Reports.
Create Report By Wizard basing on Query, Calculations at the bottom of the report.
Report header and footer need to be specially designed.
In reports page headers and page footers need to be designed.
Report by Grouping and Group totals. Setting up Sort orders.

Phase 5 Making Labels.

Phase 6 Exporting data in common text formats. & Export data in to a graph charting Package (Excel)

Submission of Work.
Create A Folder called Module 11 in Your SkyDrive now (OneDrive) or DropBox.
Upload the screen shot evidence document & All Files and share with me

Watch the video for any kind of help

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