This Lesson Students will learn the following Spread Skills.
  1. Create the layout for a spreadsheet model.
  2. Enter text and numeric data into a spread sheet.
  3. Use editing functions such a cut, copy and paste.
  4. Enter formulae and simple functions into a spreadsheet.
  5. Replicate formulae and functions in the spreadsheet.

  1. Test the data model.
  2. Select subsets of data within a spreadsheet.
  3. Sort the data within the spreadsheet,
  4. Change the size of rows and columns within a spreadsheet.
  5. Change the display and format of cells within a spreadsheet.

  1. Adjust the page orientation
  2. Save a spreadsheet.
  3. Print a spreadsheet displaying formula.
  4. Print a spreadsheet displaying values.

  1. Create a graph of chart.
  2. Label a graph or chart
  3. Extract segments from a pie chart.
  4. Add a secondary axis
  5. Set axis scales.

  1. Change chart colours to print in black and white.
  2. Create, Rename and Delete files using an operation system.
  3. Access folders/ directories within an operating systems.